Many choices

Each typewriter is different. Even two of the same model can be different.

Writers can be either ardently loyal to a specific year and model typewriter, or drawn to a certain genre like portables or standards, or age brackets like 1938-1945 or 1965-1975. Some like the heft of a desktop, while others the brevity of a portable. Where you fall can depend on many factors.


The Roster

There is quite the spread here. DRO&I was interested in the typewriter as a thing before narrowing in on specific machines. From the 1924 Royal Standard 10, to the 1974 Hermes 3000, each decade between is represented, with the 1960s having a single representative. Barely.

These machines will be made available in some form in the coming weeks and months as our physical location is being built. If you'd like to inquire about home rental, reach out and we can find a machine that's right for you.