It's the sound that for many inspires creativity, vision and motivation, and

DRO&I is a place to broadcast that music from.

Dust, Rust, Oil & Ink demanded to be born. Where a palpable movement is forging ahead around the country, Seattle seemed a little behind. May this be the catalyst that gives the movement a boost in the PNW.


This is Anthony.

The Story

And this is Anthony writing about Anthony in the third person. I know, weird, but you'll get used to it.


So, typewriters. It started with a box arriving on Anthony's doorstep. In it was a 1940 Royal Signet typewriter, and it remains today, many typewriters later, as Anthony's favorite and go-to machine. There was no warming up to the small typewriter. The attraction was instant, as was its immediate employment inscribing letters to anyone who offered their physical address.

Anthony is a long time writer, across a number of genres and audiences, which is why his father sent him the typewriter in the first place. Today he is a creative director spearheading Dead Serious MM. He has experience in interactive marketing and broadcast content in the digital age.  

He was astonished when he tripped over the exploding typewriter culture. During his exploration he was also surprised to find Seattle lagging behind other US cities with only a single typewriter repair entity an hour's ferry ride away in Bremerton, with a work backlog months long. Like other typewriter enthusiasts, he took it upon himself to learn how to clean them, which quickly lead to fixing them. Eighteen months and nearly 30 typewriters later, here we are, DRO&I.

Meet The Team

These are the typewriters Anthony turns to most. Depending on his mood, he will grab one of these three machines, one of which he did his first deep cleaning on, the Woodstock, which is nearly indestructible and a good machine to learn on.

What does it mean to pick a machine based on mood? Every machine is different. A typewriter's keys feel different and react to a typist's fingers differently. They have unique personalities, they make different sounds and vibrations, and fill a page with its own signature font and ink marks. Depending on to whom or about what Anthony is writing, he picks the Signet or the Woodstock because one will feel calm while the other can raise some hell. He picks the Queen when he's feeling like he needs to have someone or something rein him a little.  It happens.